Oliver Mitchell

Oliver has been a leading entrepreneur and manager of emerging technologies for more than twenty years.  Oliver is a partner at Mach 5 Ventures advising and investing in early stage data-driven digital, hardware, and robotic companies.A portion of his investment portfolio includes socially conscious innovations for improving the lives of people with disabilities, such as Que Innovations (a robotic device for Autism therapy) and Ekso Bionics (an exoskeleton for paraplegics).

Previously, he was the Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of RobotGalaxy, a retail entertainment brand that he founded in 2006. As father of five, Oliver launched RobotGalaxy to fill a personal need: he wanted a wholesome activity for his son. Today, RobotGalaxy’s patented toys are available nationally at Toys’R'Us, Nordstrom Department Stores, and online with a growing virtual world and library of mobile apps.

Before RobotGalaxy, Oliver was involved in a number of successful technology ventures and real estate developments. Oliver was part of the executive team of Softcom/IVT, an interactive video startup backed by Allen & Co., Intel Capital (NASDAQ:INTC) and Sun Microsystems. At IVT, Oliver was instrumental in expanding the market for their products with such leading broadcasters as HBO, Showtime, and Home Shopping Network.

Prior to IVT, Oliver was a founding member of AmeriCash, Inc., a network of ATMs in high traffic retail locations. AmeriCash was acquired by American Express (NYSE:AXP) within 32 months of operations. Oliver was also instrumental in the development of Holmes Protection and its sale to ADT/Tyco International (NYSE:TYC). Oliver has extensive background in merchant banking and advertising. He started his career at Kirshenbaum, Bond & Partners.

Oliver holds 14 patents and has appeared on numerous television shows, including: The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox Business News, The Today Show, and Rachel Ray. He also serves as a mentor on the Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator Fund, and advises many technology companies on their growth strategies.

Oliver is also the publisher of the well-known robotics blog Robot Rabbi and is in the midst of writing a book entitled, “An Innovator’s Field Guide: Taking Ideas From Zero to Hero.”

Michael Lobel

Michael Lobel is a successful entrepreneur, dealmaker and financier having been actively involved over the last 30 years in various industries including physical commodities, high-tech / internet, financial services and energy / renewable industries on an international and world-wide basis.

Michael’s business experience is truly worldwide and cross industry having lived in Australia, Turkey, Austria, Israel, UK and the USA, and having been involved in activities ranging from wind farms in Greece, to iron ore mines in Russia, to internet and mobile gaming applications, and Participation TV platforms. Michael has proven expertise and experience in identifying business opportunities, securing financing and working with management to effectively build the business and create exit strategies.

Michael serves as Non-Executive Chairman and Director of ThinkIS (FSA Regulated) since its formation. From 2001-2005, he was the founder and CEO of Open Gaming Ltd., a UK based company, which he sold to Liberty Media (NYSE) that developed, licensed and operated gaming platforms and interactive TV participation technology.

In the years between 1998 and 2001 Mr. Lobel was Co-Founder and CEO of a number of highly successful Internet companies like 4G Media Ltd (which was sold to Uproar Inc (NASDAQ) and Marketarget Ltd, which IPO’d on the LSE at a $1 billion valuation and specialized in online marketing and in the optimization, and customization of Internet based bulk traffic.

For a period of 15 years prior to 1998, Mr. Lobel was in senior management and executive positions in the physical commodity-trading field specializing in the international trading of industrial metals, ores and minerals; originally joining ex-Phibro executives as a trainee trader with the backing of Rothschild Investment Trust and S&W Beresford PLC.

Michael Lobel was educated in Australia and is an alumnus of Melbourne University in Melbourne, Australia.