Who we are

Mach 5 Ventures enables you to move at hypersonic speed. We are your American partner, your business development office on the ground in New York City, staffed with seasoned executives working tirelessly on your behalf. Typically, it would take a start-up millions of dollars and years to acquire such talent, experience, contact network and infrastructure. By accessing experienced management based in New York and Tel Aviv to represent your interests in the world’s biggest marketplace, Mach 5 helps you cross the chasm between Israel and the United States.

Our experience

Mach 5 knows what it takes to launch hi-tech ventures in the USA, as we have successfully built and sold companies over the past three decades. As a direct result of our years in the start-up battlefield, we have interacted with some of the biggest players in the media & entertainment, consumer device, financial service, enterprise software, mobile app, electronic gaming and robotic industries. Today, we work together with some of the brightest Israeli entrepreneurs to penetrate the American market with their products to propel their innovations on the global stage.

Our clientele

Typically our clients are high-tech start-ups, post-seed funding, with a proof of concept of their technology and initial sales in a pilot market. These clients usually require our advice to help them secure financing through our network, which includes working with them to make sure that their presentations and go-to-market strategy meets “blue chip” standards and ready for American partners / institutional markets. In many cases, Mach 5 presents on behalf of its clients, as we recognize that a founder’s time is valuable and often better utilized leading technology teams vs. having power lunches with a bunch of “suits.” Hence, we appreciate that each of our clients are unique and require an atypical deal. To learn more contact us.

Choose Mach 5

Mach 5 Ventures is becoming a trusted source to US venture funds for quality Israeli technology companies. Our detailed and rigorous due diligence process, together with our active participation, insures American investors that the technology, market, and management risks are understood and optimized compared to the opportunity. In addition, we provide the maturity, local presence, guidance and support to emerging Israeli entrepreneurs that helps minimize the hassle and tension that American investors typical encounter with non-US based investments. To learn more about Mach 5 Ventures’ portfolio companies contact us.